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From Dan Snelwar

While David and I just started working closely together, I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know him. David was unbelievably sharp and supportive. He was truly an amazing person! I know that everyone that got the chance to get to know David is devastated by this loss. David, we will always remember your contributions and you have left a tremendous legacy behind!

From Matt Boon

Over the years, before he joined Gartner, I bumped into David numerous times at vendor events and we would exchange pleasantries over a drink every now and then, always a gentleman and always nice to talk to.

More recently I had the chance to engage with David more as he embarked on his quest to be a TM in research, I was fortunate to more fully realise what an amazing individual David was and as many have said his knowledge, amazing mind and down to earth personality made these interactions really positive experiences.

At the recent research leadership offsite I was able to see another side of David as he demonstrated his passion for singing, as Chris said, this was the David Mitchell experience, featuring David Mitchell. I was snapping away and David said to me “what will you do with those” with a slightly concerned look on his face. I said, they are part of the TM orientation process and we will keep them for a suitable time, well now seems like that time.

I feel fortunate to have known David, all but briefly and I am sad that the opportunity to know him more has been taken away. Rest well David in the knowledge that you impacted many people so positively.


From Eric Ahlm

I had the pleasure of spending my first few weeks at Gartner in a new hire training class with David.  His confidence, openness and overall charm just struck me as someone to know, and frankly a big assurance that coming to work at Gartner was a great way to surround yourself with brilliant, wonderful people.   I keep in touch with David over the years, often hitting him up for ideas, or talking about possible collaborative works.  His insights into sales spoke volumes and his research was not only educational, but entertaining to read.  I recently reached out to David for some assistance with a difficult inquiry call, just on the hopes that he might be able to point me to some research of interest.  He went over the top and provided me with an encyclopedia of knowledge on the topic,  outlined, with notes and insights designed to do nothing less than make my inquiry a success.  To me, that just shows his character.   Doing not what he has to do, but what he wants to do with passion and pride.  I will certainly miss the opportunity to know him better, but cherish the memories I do have.

From Debbie Kendall

An incredibly sad loss to so many.  David was extremely enthusiastic, professional and his knowledge made him such a huge asset to us in sales.  He was always so willing to support us with our clients and prospects and nothing was ever too much trouble.  I’m very glad I had the opportunity to work with David, he will be deeply missed and my thoughts are with his family as this sad time.

From Christelle Pontico

How to imagine not bumping into David in the Egham office, queuing for his coffee and greeting everyone with the same gentle smile and sparkle in his eyes. David was always there at the right time and right place, always willing to spend some time to either help with coaching or review business strategies – his depth of experience and knowledge was ever so impressive there was not one topic he couldn’t comment on, have an anecdote about or an experience to share!! he had a heart of gold, a boundless kindness and enchanting scottish smile! I can’t believe we won’t be able to enjoy his knowledge and wits anymore!

You will be sorely missed David – hoping you can read and see from heaven how many lives you have touched – our thoughts with your family. RIP!!

From Tina Metcalfe

I was David’s Coordinator and had the pleasure of working closely with him since his very first day at Gartner.

From the moment I met him I knew we would have fun working together as he had a wonderful sense of humour.  David enjoyed telling me stories about the many events and dinners he attended and he obviously enjoyed his work with a passion. 

He was incredibly proud of his Scottish roots and we were in the process of planning a team meeting in Scotland with a view of introducing the highlights of Edinburgh to his colleagues from overseas.  Although this was a business meeting David wanted to make sure his team had fun and experienced something a little different.  I will always remember our conversation about deep-fried Mars & Snickers bars, apparently a must to try if you ever visit Scotland!!

David was one of the few analysts who regularly worked from the Egham office and would take time out to chat to you.  He will be sadly missed by us all.

From Alfonso Velosa III

David Mitchell was a superb colleague – a true professional and an excellent person. I have fond memories arguing with him about ecosystem strategies one minute, and then discussing key aspects of Speyside whiskys the next. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.


From Simon Hayward

I was one of those that only got to know David at the end of a life that was so tragically cut short. Like many others I still feel dazed by the suddenness of his loss.

Despite this brief acquaintance I got to know David well during the time we worked closely together. We shared our thoughts and feelings on many issues, primarily but not only work related. David was a great listener, but never in a purely passive way. He was more than willing to challenge, which I guess was one of the things that made him a good analyst, but more than that a good friend – since you always knew he was being completely straight with you.

He and I joked that we were each so glad that neither of us had to work for the other, but working together was very satisfying, and it’s difficult to believe that there will not be any more of it.

In saying all this, I find it hard to think about how difficult this must be for his family. Knowing that someone was well loved does little to ease the pain. For myself I will try to focus on what David gave me, and to remember him with gratitude.