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From Ludovic Leforestier

It is with infinite sadness that I’ve heard I not only lost a dear friend but the industry is also mourning a respected thinker, an always friendly smile, a witty and smart analyst, and more. We are all poorer without David.

David, not to be confused with David Mitchell Smith who we hope is well, always liked to refer to his academic career as a lecturer in GIS at the University of Edinburgh, a good source of anecdotes on riot control. Scotland was close to his heart but he moved to London, first to apply his GIS knowledge in the commercial sector then joined Coopers & Lybrand and moved to Oracle. He started with Ovum back in 2005 where he ended up heading their IT advisory service, then did a stint at managing their utilities business. He joined Gartner 13 months ago in their go to market service and was only just promoted as MVP Software Application (HTTPS). There are no words to translate what he was: a respected thinker, a true gentleman.

Our thoughts go to his family and friends.

From Mike Harris

We lost one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and positive members of the Gartner Research family.   

David was based in Egham and was well-loved by Sales for his seemingly boundless knowledge of all things technology, business, and financial; and was highly respected by his Research colleagues for his expertise and thoughtful communications style. Remarkably, even the English loved this Scotsman…

Mike Harris

From Chris Adams

David was at Gartner for scarcely 13 months, but he so instantly and fully engaged with all of us that he might as well have been here for decades.  He was a leader at Gartner from day 1,  not because we made him one, but because it was his nature to make an impact on everything and everyone he touched.   This was how he lived.   He was joyful, generous and compassionate at all times.  He was impossibly geeky and had in depth knowledge on just about any topic you could name, no matter how arcane.  In another person, this might have been rough going but David’s unfailing good humor and genuine, passionate interest in everything made it delightful.   He was fiercely proud of being a Scotsman, to the point of asking to schedule a team offsite for January in Edinburgh – and being completely baffled as to why anyone would think that a bad idea.  He allowed himself to be talked into a band called The David Mitchell Experience featuring David Mitchell, which, fortunately, only performed in the wee small hours at Gartner offsites.   He was our standard bearer — when we talked about recruiting or development, we talked about finding/developing another David Mitchell.   There won’t ever be another – David was a true original. 

Chris Adams