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From Hank Barnes

I met David during my interview process to join Christine Adams’ team with David and others.  I have a feeling we had talked years before when he was with Ovum or it just seemed like I had known him for years based on his friendly demeanor.   The initial interview with David was one of the best I have ever had.  He took the time to illustrate the type of questions I would encounter from clients and that turned into a number of discussions about marketing strategy.  After hanging up the phone, I knew that I wanted this job badly and wanted to work with David.  Our interactions continued in my group interview, only reinforcing my excitement about the opportunity.

 Fast forward a couple of weeks:  Christine let me know about David’s passing (as it turns out, he had become ill the day after my group interview).   I was shocked and saddened.   I feel bad for David’s family, the team, and the lost opportunity to work closely with such a bright yet down to earth soul.  Its a stark reminder that life is short and needs to be lived to its fullest.  It also reminds us that those who show empathy and support for others are remembered the longest.  David is in that group.

 P.S.  I will be joining the team Jan 2.

From Adrian Fowler

David was a true inspiration to our clients, associates and myself as a team leader in HTTP in 2011. I had the pleasure of spending time with David, not only in a work capacity but also on a social level as a friend. He was constantly positive, smiling and inspired confidence in all who had the pleasure meeting him.
David you will be truely missed by all.
Susan and I were truely saddened when we heard the sudden news and our thoughts are with David’s family and this difficult time.

From Nathan Hill

I joined Gartner around the same time as David and we met for the first time at Stamford on boarding. As an experienced Analyst before joining, David was a keen contributor and helped many of the new starters (including myself) to fully comprehend the Analyst role. It wasn’t until departure that I got a little more insight into his character. We shared a taxi to the airport and David kindly invited me into the Airport lounge as a guest. In those couple of hours we talked about many different topics including his enlightening time at Oracle contrasted with recent changes within HP before the conversation veered into politics and the state of modern higher education. David made a big impact on me in a very short amount of time. He openly and generously shared his experience and knowledge without reservation and it was clear to me that his jovial and smiling exterior was backed up by great intelligence, keen insight and wisdom.

I had the opportunity to catch up with him at the recent sales ‘speed dating’ in Egham and it came as no surprise when I learned of the significant success he’d had in the intervening months. Gartner has surely lost an incredible asset and my thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

From Anurag Gupta

David was a dear friend and a great colleague. I learnt a great deal from his all round knowledge about business and life. We chatted about a range of topics ranging from industries to rowing to Japanese business culture. David was also an academician & was involved with Economics at the University, many years ago. Over quick office lunches we talked about incentivising behaviour from account management to Scottish independence. I was amazed by his knowledge and grasp on so many things. For me, his smiling presence, signature ‘braces’ & warm helpful attitude will always be missed.

From Floriane Malot

David joined Gartner analyst community around the same time I joined the SMB HTTP team. He was the first analyst I ever met, and opened my eyes on a lot of topics I wasn’t familiar with, from the world of VCs to Sales tips etc… He was always available for me, whenever I was coming to the first floor for advice on a particular deal or for a tough renewal or even just for brainstorming! He was the Number ONE analysts for our SMB Vendor clients, they were drinking his words like a fine nectar, and felt like he truly understood their world and struggles. He always went the extra-mile for our client and for us, sharing war stories, giving us advise on how to improve our techniques and was a true advisor for all of us. He is dearly missed…

From Simon Brown

I have had the pleasure of working with David for a number of years, formerly in his capacity as the head of research at Datamonitor/Ovum when I managed EMEA sales & where he was a great asset in front of prospects & clients alike & really drove growth in our business.

David & I always kept in touch after I left our previous organisation back in 2009 & I then went on to refer him into Gartner for his new role which he took up scarcely 1 year ago. 

As others have said it feels like he had been with us at Gartner for not merely months but years given his instant impact he had with all those that had the pleasure to work with him.  He was always in high demand from all sales channels to support them in new business opportunities & he could turn his hand to any situation & command a great analytical & commercial conversation.

It is a very sad loss not to have David with us anymore & he leaves behind him a great legacy & a place in our industry that will never be replaced.  My thoughts are with his family at this very difficult time.

From Shama Malik

I was lucky enough to sit near to David in the Egham office over the past year and saw him most days. He was ALWAYS smiling and chatty; I don’t think I ever saw him in anything resembling a bad mood! His positive and happy presence is sorely missed by us all. He was a true gentleman

From Meghan Cooper (Pyrch)

Echoing the sentiments of many others, here in RES we noticed David’s immediate positive impact to the Gartner business shortly after he joined the company last year.  Most analysts take several months to really ramp up, but not David.  He was immediately popular – it was as if he had been with Gartner for years!  David instantaneously became one of the most sought-after analysts and accordingly most of my interactions with him revolved around managing his calendar. He was always trying to fit everyone in and wanted to help everyone out.  I remember him calling me once to discuss a new idea he had which he felt would allow him to maximize efficiencies when it came to fitting everything in.  His idea was pretty out of the box, and while I don’t believe it was ever implemented, I appreciated his fresh perspective.  David wasn’t afraid to question the norm and was open to change.  He wanted to make things better and was really passionate about it.  This quality about him would have allowed him to be very successful in the Team Manager position without a doubt.

We all work in such a virtual environment and it is always nice to put a name with a face.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do so with David at the TM Offsite in Virginia this September.  His liveliness sticks with me the most – sharing travel experiences, singing karaoke, and always with a smile on his face.  It makes me sad that I did not get to know him better.

This news was certainly devastating to those of us in RES who have worked with David over the past year.  Our most heartfelt condolences go out to David’s family for this tragic loss.

From Eric Rocco

When we first hired David last year, I recall feeling very lucky that we were getting someone THAT GOOD to join the Group.  In that short time, we watched him truly enhance the Gartner business, the analyst community, and of course our clients.  He was truly a great person with a big heart, a strong wealth of experience to share, and a gentle soul.  Taken from this earth so soon and so unexpectedly, to say he will be missed does not come close to doing him justice.  We will always have his contributions to build on and our memories of him to cherish.  I and many others feel truly blessed to have known David for as long as we did.  He made us all better.

From Roulf Bux

Team Ireland had the very distinct pleasure of meeting David Mitchell at our Hotel Check In for Symposium 2011 in Barcelona.

He instantly became a firm friend and colleague to Team Ireland visiting several times within a number of short months.

All our prospects and clients who met with David were in awe of his Industry Knowledge, attention to detail and wide network of contacts. It became a running joke that he should be the Head of Missing Persons International because there wasn’t someone in any named company that David didn’t know.

When David visited Ireland, there was always a demand for his time, to the extent that at the end of every visit, David would ask when can he come back. It was nothing to do with the food and the odd glass of wine :) (BTW I think he knew a thing or three about Wine)

As a rookie Account Executive on joining Gartner in 2011, David’s pure professional approach and laid back attitude was a delight to see in action. David was an encyclopedia on everything!

Customers loved him and as a fellow Celt, Team Ireland miss him and his genius.

Husband, father, raconteur, friend, colleague and a gentle man.

May he Rest In Peace.