From Hank Barnes

I met David during my interview process to join Christine Adams’ team with David and others.  I have a feeling we had talked years before when he was with Ovum or it just seemed like I had known him for years based on his friendly demeanor.   The initial interview with David was one of the best I have ever had.  He took the time to illustrate the type of questions I would encounter from clients and that turned into a number of discussions about marketing strategy.  After hanging up the phone, I knew that I wanted this job badly and wanted to work with David.  Our interactions continued in my group interview, only reinforcing my excitement about the opportunity.

 Fast forward a couple of weeks:  Christine let me know about David’s passing (as it turns out, he had become ill the day after my group interview).   I was shocked and saddened.   I feel bad for David’s family, the team, and the lost opportunity to work closely with such a bright yet down to earth soul.  Its a stark reminder that life is short and needs to be lived to its fullest.  It also reminds us that those who show empathy and support for others are remembered the longest.  David is in that group.

 P.S.  I will be joining the team Jan 2.

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