From Simon Hayward

I was one of those that only got to know David at the end of a life that was so tragically cut short. Like many others I still feel dazed by the suddenness of his loss.

Despite this brief acquaintance I got to know David well during the time we worked closely together. We shared our thoughts and feelings on many issues, primarily but not only work related. David was a great listener, but never in a purely passive way. He was more than willing to challenge, which I guess was one of the things that made him a good analyst, but more than that a good friend – since you always knew he was being completely straight with you.

He and I joked that we were each so glad that neither of us had to work for the other, but working together was very satisfying, and it’s difficult to believe that there will not be any more of it.

In saying all this, I find it hard to think about how difficult this must be for his family. Knowing that someone was well loved does little to ease the pain. For myself I will try to focus on what David gave me, and to remember him with gratitude.

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