From Eric Ahlm

I had the pleasure of spending my first few weeks at Gartner in a new hire training class with David.  His confidence, openness and overall charm just struck me as someone to know, and frankly a big assurance that coming to work at Gartner was a great way to surround yourself with brilliant, wonderful people.   I keep in touch with David over the years, often hitting him up for ideas, or talking about possible collaborative works.  His insights into sales spoke volumes and his research was not only educational, but entertaining to read.  I recently reached out to David for some assistance with a difficult inquiry call, just on the hopes that he might be able to point me to some research of interest.  He went over the top and provided me with an encyclopedia of knowledge on the topic,  outlined, with notes and insights designed to do nothing less than make my inquiry a success.  To me, that just shows his character.   Doing not what he has to do, but what he wants to do with passion and pride.  I will certainly miss the opportunity to know him better, but cherish the memories I do have.

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