From Matt Boon

Over the years, before he joined Gartner, I bumped into David numerous times at vendor events and we would exchange pleasantries over a drink every now and then, always a gentleman and always nice to talk to.

More recently I had the chance to engage with David more as he embarked on his quest to be a TM in research, I was fortunate to more fully realise what an amazing individual David was and as many have said his knowledge, amazing mind and down to earth personality made these interactions really positive experiences.

At the recent research leadership offsite I was able to see another side of David as he demonstrated his passion for singing, as Chris said, this was the David Mitchell experience, featuring David Mitchell. I was snapping away and David said to me “what will you do with those” with a slightly concerned look on his face. I said, they are part of the TM orientation process and we will keep them for a suitable time, well now seems like that time.

I feel fortunate to have known David, all but briefly and I am sad that the opportunity to know him more has been taken away. Rest well David in the knowledge that you impacted many people so positively.


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